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Senior Product Designer

Create with Google is a platform designed for advertising creatives. It aims to educate and inspire creatives on how to make the best use of the various ad formats that Google offers.

My role was focused on enhancing the Create with Google and Youtube Mockup Tool digital products. Our team worked to visually unite both experiences with an updated design system, new features and optimised current user flows.

Note: Create with Googles original website has since been merged with Think with Google.


Uniting the product suite

Utilising Googles' material design best practices and optimising for expression through hero imagery, we updated the design language to feel more in line with Googles modern design presence.

We also applied this across the full product suite to bring a holistic representation of the Create with Google digital brand.


Create with Google Homepage


Various sections from the Create with Google website


YouTube Mockup Tool

YouTube Mockup Tool allows advertising creatives to preview their ads in the respective YouTube ad formats available to them. It then allows them to export an ad in a highly engaging format - perfect for presentation decks for their clients.


Youtube Mockup Tool Landing Page


Video Preview Elements

Video Grid

The Video Grid enables the user to easily access all of their mockups. Allowing them to preview, edit and share within a single click.


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