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Each year, over 16% of all applicants fail their basic fitness assessment. We needed to find a way to tackle the two major reasons why - poor technique, and lack of motivation.

With the second edition of the ADF Active App, we pushed the fitness app experience further.

A complete rebuild and design means that not only will it create you a bespoke workout program, but will also motivate you with weekly fitness articles and advice, wellbeing podcasts and relaxation exercises.


A brand dedicated to helping candidates pass their Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA)

The original ADF Active brand direction had a strong military feel. We wanted to avoid that with this re-design as we wanted to talk in more human terms with our users.

The end result is a stripped back logomark that let's the image and copy be more expressive.


Impactful screens before registration & login

An in-depth fitness experience

The ADF Active app offers workout routines, individual exercises, specialist content and a way to track their progress.

We wanted the app to be used beyond just passing their PFA. In particular, introducing content around mental health and mindfulness.


A workout plan for them

Candidates are create their workout plan during their onboarding process. Based on this, the app tailors their initial workout schedule to help them reach their goals at a suitable pace.


Assessment screens during onboarding

Balanced iconography

We used a minimal, outline approach to convey our system and workout icons. Our achievement badges call back to military medals and awards but do so in an elegant, non-overpowering way.


Specialist Content

A key goal as part of the redesign was to give candidates access to specialist, app-specific content. Weekly fitness articles and advice, wellbeing podcasts and relaxation exercises were created to encourage candidates to maintain their new routine.

Contextual suggestions

Our user's workout for the day would always be front and centre. But returning on an off day or after a workout we would showcase our specialist content in its place.


Examples of our specialist content

The PFA Test

Candidates can stay motivated with the apps in-depth progress tracker. They also have access to detailed stats and an achievement system.

There are over 47 exercises available on the app that candidates can use to help them prepare for the PFA test.


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