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Learn a bit more about my background, design process and side-projects.

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Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a product designer focused on crafting end-to-end digital experiences. I'm currently working at Canva in Sydney, Australia.

During my career, I've worked with brands & organisations such as Qantas, Google, Defence Force Recruiting, Nescafé, eBay, Vogue, ESPN, CSIRO and The Department of Industry, Innovation & Science.

I feel comfortable wearing multiple hats on a project or working within a finely-tuned, diversely skilled product team. I believe that small, thoughtful details make a design memorable and that user-centered insights make them loveable.

Emotional design is at the heart of everything that I do.

My Areas of Focus


User Interface Design
Interaction Design
Design Systems

User Experience

User Research & Synthesis
Design Thinking Workshops


Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Digital Brand Extension


Art Direction
Asset Creation

My Design Process


Immersion & Discovery

Becoming deeply immersed in the project space allows us to appreciate the nuance of the challenge. This leads to better customer and stakeholder empathy and allows us, collaboratively, to generate better insights - putting us on the right path forward.

Example Activities:

Discovery & Empathy Workshops
Stakeholder & SME Interviews
Customer Journey Mapping
Desktop Research


Ideation & Exploration

Great ideas can come from anywhere and a wider perspective with cross-disciplinary collaboration increases our odds of finding them. Deeper design exploration comes next - taking those ideas and crafting thoughtful design concepts to test with users.

Example Activities:

Explore Visual Directions (Brand & Concept)
Design & Ideation Workshops
Define User Flows


Prototyping & Testing

We prototype our design concepts based on our testing goals - despite being early on, emotional design quality shouldn’t be sacrificed. Next, by using qualitative and quantitative research methods, we look to validate our ideas and synthesise our learnings. 

Example Activities:

Prototyping - Low and High Fidelity
Qualitative User Interviews
Surveys & Usability Testing
Cross-discipline Research Synthesis


Elevation & Production

With a clear understanding of what's desirable and technically feasible, we prioritise and elevate our design concepts. Design system components are fleshed out and visual assets are prepared. Based on our ways of working, tasks are broken down into efficient workflows to ensure smooth delivery.

Example Activities:

Prioritisation Workshops
Design System & Visual Assets Creation
User Story Creation & Backlog Refinement

Recent Writing


A Future Away: Travel Writing & Photography

Travel | Photography | Culture


Bringing a physical space to life with an AR mural

Immersive | Conceptual | Craft


Using Motion at Adrenalin

UI | Motion | Craft

Some of my (mostly travel) photography 

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